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Time Capsule

This project utilizes clear acrylic and laser cutting in order to create an ephemeral feeling of my past experiences. As the experiences stack on top of each other, it becomes harder to see each individual moment.


Adobe Illustrator

Laser cutter

Clear acrylic

"Structural Package Designs" by Haresh Pathak


danni qu_time capsule_Page_1.png


Mind maps -> Collection -> Packaging -> Creation

1. Mind Map

danni qu_time capsule_Page_2.png

I thought about the categories for which I could choose my items from. I then thought about how the packaging could look like.

2. Collection

danni qu_time capsule_Page_3.png

A collection of things I've collected, grew up with, or has special meaning to me. After collecting my items, I used Snapchat as part of the ideation process. Snapchat media is short term and has the ephemeral feeling I wanted to recreate.

3. Packaging

I looked through a book titled "Structural Package Designs" by Haresh Pathak for inspirations on how to contain my items.

After making the container, I made an envelope and letter to include with the memories.

danni qu_time capsule_Page_4.png

Initially I chose to make the memories into really small discs and put them in a 2x2 format into a container.

4. Creation

Using Snapchat for short and digestible information, I first tested out my Illustrator file on cardboard then chose the conceptual illustrations to laser cut on clear acrylic.

danni qu_time capsule_Page_7.png
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