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ShellHacks 2021

Florida's largest hackathon


September 24th - 26th, 2021

Team Role

In this project, I worked on the UI/UX and front end web development with HTML, CSS, and JS. I helped to project manage and communicate with the other team members to ensure project deployment. I also made the video submission.



Our team loves food and we want to help other students who love food too. We recognized the difficulties surrounding food during the COVID pandemic that can easily be eliminated with an application.

What it does

OurFood is a website application in which a student can list the ingredients they have and receive recipe suggestions as a result. The student can then scroll through recipe suggestions and choose one they like based on preference for cook time and recipe photo. This will send them to the website of the recipe where they can learn more and get cooking!

How we built it

Front-End: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Back-End: Python

PyMongo to connect to the MongoDB

Flask for developing the web application

Google App Engine as our cloud computing platform



Our team faced quite a few challenges. We at first attempted using Firebase as our database, however we ran into issues collecting substrings. So after many attempts we ended up switching over to MongoDB. None of the team members had previously worked with JavaScript, so we had to learn that from scratch to incorporate it into our project.


Our team is incredibly proud of our project! We are happy to have been able to simultaneously work on front and back-end of this website application and then successfully be able to link them together and function properly.

Take aways

This project was a great learning experience for all of us. We learned important skills in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for the front end part, as well as Python and Flask for the back-end, and how to incorporate PyMongo, MongoDB and Google App Engine!

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