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Dan·ni Qu

/danē qú/

proper noun

1. first year Master of Science student studying Integrated Design & Media at New York University

"after studying graphic design abroad at the University of the Arts London, Danni came back to New York to complete her Communications Design degree at Pratt Institute"

2. a free spirited individual who may or may not be curious about everything she sees

"Danni loves traveling when possible! She has been to a handful of states, regions in China, cities in Europe, and some suburbs in Japan. she highly recommends mash potato pierogis, classic crab meat xiaolongbaos, and a yummy creamy penne dish!"

3. someone who others cannot pronounce the last name of

"to say my last name, try making the same noise people make when they're collecting their thoughts and put a slight question tone on it. also remember it's not Chu. Danni Qi qi qi qi qi...yu?...but without the i"


This is not a symbol but rather the combination of the Pinyin strokes when pronouncing my name in Chinese, last name first.


Danni Qu's Resume
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